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Welcome back to our page where you can test out our mash-up build of versions 3 and 4! This build consists of the game at its most "completed" stage which we have now handed in and finished our final year at uni - Experience the story of Jazz and Azul from start to finish!

There is an issue where the journal switches between the recent version (with red markings to indicate player progression) and the old version. Please bare this in mind as it can disrupt gameplay and progression  but this issue will be updated as soon as possible.

Any feedback will be so greatly appreciated!

Jessica has decided to continue working on this project from university onwards so any updates after this one will be done as and when she is able to .

Although the vision wasn't fully realised during our time at university, we have come so far and produced something we both can be proud of. We hope the story and our characters reaches people in a way which impacts them even in the slightest! It is Jessica's hope that through help, funding and time, the full vision of this game will be brought to life. 

Please enjoy and let us know what you think. Thank you so much!


W - walk forward

A - walk left

S - walk backward

- walk right

Left click - interact

(Windows) = Alt + Tab / (Mac) = Command + Tab - to exit (apologies about this, exit button hasn't been added yet. press alt and tab at the same time for windows/command and tab at the same time  for mac  and exit the game from your taskbar by right clicking on the Jazz and Azul icon.)

Thank you!

Install instructions

Downloading the build!  

Once downloaded, open the zip and click the application called "Jazz and Azul - hand-in version.exe". If a pop-up says "protecting PC" click "more info" and "run anyway" - we are working on these issues and hope to get the process running smoothly asap!"


After-Uni 1.zip 476 MB

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